Best Things Heard at the Normal Pastor Conference 2019


As I reflect on the Normal Pastor Conference that I attended recently, I’m thankful for the time of refreshment it afforded me. I attended this conference because it was close (a short 7 hour drive each way). If you know me, you know I love a good road trip. I took my son with me and we had a great time, lots of talking and even more laughing (mostly about his favorite topic: video games).

The speaker line up was great, the topics really hit home. What I appreciated the most was how each speaker was open and vulnerable about ministry. These are men who are seeking to be faithful in the ministries and places God has put them. This conference is set up for the “normal pastor” - the guys who are in the trenches in the context God has placed them in; not the platform building, mega-church pastor.

Here is a sample of what I heard and stuck out to me.

Won Kwak

 ”Have you moved on from depending on Jesus? If so you will have trouble believing and trusting God.”

Ronnie Martin

 ”Is your fear born from your forgetfulness?”

 ”God doesn’t condemn you in your fears, but comforts you.”

John Onwuchekwa

”New beginnings don’t always erase your frustrations, sometimes new beginnings replace them.”

Nathan Rose

”Obscurity in ministry is underrated. Be concerned with Jesus. Make Him famous.”

“Jesus doesn’t merely tolerate you, but treasures you.”

Joe Thorn

“You can’t conquer anxiety, but Jesus and His people can.”

”God can use your frailty to let His grace shine.”

Jared Wilson

”Hostility does 4 things: it is clarifying, it is normal, it pushes us towards God, and it is governed by God.

This is great small conference that I would highly recommend. There is great fellowship and learning opportunities for those who are currently in the struggle and joy that is ministry; as well as those who are seeking to be in full-time vocational ministry.

Crying Out to the Lord