Book Review: Ordinary Radicals by Jonathan Hayashi


There is a problem in most churches when it comes to discipleship. There is confusion about what the term means and about how to do it well. This is why I’m thankful for books like Ordinary Radicals by Jonathan Hayashi. In this short 120 page book, Hayashi reminds the church of its primary mission of making disciples. He does so by reminding readers what the current state of discipleship is, what biblical disciples looks like, and where the church could end up if we follow the biblical model.

Chapter 5 entitled The Biblical Blueprint was, for me, the most informative. It starts out with reminding church leaders of the need for a discipleship plan, because of the intentional effort it takes over the long haul. It ends with a very helpful chart of the stages of discipleship with an explanation of each stage.

The main reason this book is important is that it reminds the church - the whole church, leadership and laity - that the call to make disciples if for all. It’s not the pastors and/or leaders responsibility only. The responsibility of the leadership is to model and train up the members of the church for this important work. The responsibility of the members is to live in community with one another and lead each other towards maturity in Christ.

Discipleship happens when ordinary believers become radical about the mission Christ gave the church. When discipleship is working well, the church becomes more healthy AND more mature. If this is where you are struggling personally or where your church is struggling as a whole get this book, it will point you in the right direction. You can get it here.

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