Something New on the Geekery Horizon

… because everyone geeks out about something.

… because everyone geeks out about something.

For those who don’t follow me on social media, I’ve taken on a new adventure. It’s letting my geek side out and basically run wild. At the urging of Matthew Hampel, I’ve joined him as co-host of a new podcast called The Geekly Planet. Since we spend so much time texting and talking about things we both geek out about with each other and having great conversations, we thought it natural to give our opinion of what’s going on in the world of geek culture. We will be covering a lot of topics from comic and movie news, sci-fi and fantasy news, as well as discussing why being is a “geek” is ok. If this is something that might interest you, give us a listen. If these topics aren’t the thing you geek out over give a listen anyway; that way you can talk intelligently with your geeky friends (and then you can point them to where you gained such insightful wisdom). Our first two episodes are up and live and you can access them here or almost any podcast catcher (I think).

Thanks for your attention and letting me explore my geek side.

And as always: stay geeky, my friends.

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