Best Quotes from: From Weakness to Strength by Scott Sauls


I finished reading the book From Weakness to Strength by Scott Sauls (get it here) about a month ago. I read this book, because as a leader, I needed a better understanding of my weakness and how it applies to leadership (of any kind). I've needed this last month to absorb what I could from the first reading (... there will be more).

 Here are my favorite quotes:

  • God delights in handpicking people for leadership who are either stumbling bumblers or simply weak and ill-equipped. (pg. 9)
  • Until leaders have suffered, and have learned to steward their pain, they don’t really have much to offer. (pg. 11)
  • In Jesus, the chief qualification is character. (pg. 21)
    • If you find happiness in yourself and your achievements, you’re bound to be disappointed. (pg. 39)
  • Let’s never get past our need for Jesus to carry us. Without him, we are vulnerable. (pg. 62-63)
  • Sin is absurd and futile, especially for Christians who are aware of the love and redeeming grace of God through Jesus. (pg. 72)
  • When we notice ugly things happening in us and the ugliness disturbs us, it’s usually a sign that the Holy Spirit is at work. (pg. 91)
  • Our hearts are going to be insecure until they find their security in God. Our hearts are going to be restless until they find their rest in him. (pg. 116)
  • ... the place God calls us to is the place where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. (pg. 137)
  • ... the more heavenly minded we are, the more earthly good we will be. (pg. 159)
  • ... the essence of true gospel leadership - a readiness even to suffer and endure affliction so that others who suffer and are afflicted might find hope. (pg. 175)

(All quotes taken from From Weakness to Strength by Scott Sauls ©2017, published by David C. Cook)

If you are a leader or even a “gospel influencer” (as the book calls it), you will benefit from this book. God can and will use your weakness for his glory. 

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