Book Review: 5 Habits of a Healthy Marriage by Ryan Fredrick

(I was given the opportunity to get a preview copy of the forthcoming book 5 Habits of a Healthy Marriage by Ryan Fredrick to review.)

Marriage can be tough, even under optimal conditions. It’s one thing to be married and it’s another thing for the marriage to be healthy. When one sinner is marrying another sinner, it shouldn’t surprise anyone when that sin interferes with their relationship. This book is very a helpful reminder of what marriage is supposed to be and how to help marriage flourish. It’s good for both newly married couples as well those who have been married for decades. It’s also both nice and short as well as easy to read.

What I liked:

This book is intensely practical. Each chapter is loaded with practical ideas that are easy to implement. These ideas are things we tend to forget and need to be reminded of. As these habits and ideas are intentionally pursued, the health of the marriage will increase.

What I struggled with:

While Scripture was pointed to, the gospel was merely alluded to. In the introduction the author stated that the gospel needs to be at the core of this relationship. If the gospel isn’t explicit, the citing of verses losses its impact. I would have preferred that the gospel be clearly explained, for no other reason than the fact that even believers need to preach the gospel to themselves daily. If nonbelievers were to pick this book up, even a simple gospel presentation / explanation would be super helpful.

Best Quote:

“Whatever we neglect will surely die or be overcome with chaos. Whatever we nurture, by God’s grace, will grow and flourish—your marriage included.” (pg. 35 of 5 Habits of a Healthy Marriage by Ryan Fredrick ©2018 by Cormens Press, a division of Vilcus Holdings)


I plan on recommending this as a resource to any married couple who desires to deepen the health of their marriage. If that is something you’d be interested in, grab a copy when it comes out later this year.

I may even do a giveaway to coincide with its release … keep an eye out for that.

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