Best Things Heard at #FTC17


Attending the For The Church conference this year was good for me. I needed a time away to rest and be refreshed. Here is just a sample of what ministered to me this time. (Note - these are quotes as best as I remember them as I wrote them down.)

Main Sessions:

Jason Allen - The Minister's Preaching - There is no embarrassment in limping into the pulpit, but there is in running from it.

HB Charles Jr. - The Minister's Prayer - Prayer should be our first response, not our last resort.

Ray Orland - The Minister's Marriage - The minister's marriage is as important as preaching the gospel, because it is a preaching of the gospel.

Owen Strachan - The Minister's Study - If it's true that there is no greater calling than preaching, than it is equally true that there is no greater priority than preparing to preach.

Matt CarterThe Minister's Mission - The time to engage to people of God on the mission of God is RIGHT NOW!

Jared WilsonThe Minister's Legacy - God, and God only, gives the growth. You are expendable. You are the tool in Jesus' hand, so be faithful.

Matt ChandlerThe Minister's Gospel - It's ok to be weak and human. It's ok to not be ok. It's ok to let others know. Your obedience is always imperfectly executed.

Misc. Conversations:

Matthew Hampel - I know, I was there. Tell it again anyway.

Multiple Sources (too many to name ... or remember) - When is Jimmy Fowler going to finish his elder candidacy?

Best Quotes From The Imperfect Disciple by Jared C. Wilson

When Community Isn't Gospel Community