Review: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Simple answer = Loved it ... just not as much the first.

I've seen it twice now. I knew I like it because I like these characters and their team dynamic/disfunction. There were 2 things that surprised me and 1 thing that I was somewhat disappointed with.

The first surprise was the family dynamic. Whether between the sister's Gamora and Nebula or the daddy issues Starlord had with Ego and Yondu it made for an emotional connection with the audience. The team also came together, stood together as a family, which brought them closer together.

The second thing that took my by surprise was how entertaining Baby Groot was. Going in, I thought he was going to be an annoying sideshow nuance. He turned out be both entertaining and necessary to the story.

The one thing that disappointed me, the thing that makes the first one better, was the fact that they took everything about the first that worked and overdid it. Everything that got a laugh in the first movie was overdone. Every aspect of the disfunction between team members was overdone. The problem was, in my opinion, it ended up tarnishing the film by taking aways some of the seriousness. By the time we got to the end I wasn't laughing at things I should have because I had laughed enough.

If you haven't yet, go see this movie quick. It's a really fun and really good. You will be entertained, especially if you liked the first one.

[ ... and yes, I know this seems late. Don't judge me. ;-) ]

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