A Real Side of Discipleship

I've been meeting with my discipleship group for a couple years now. We've gone through Holiness by JC Ryle, When I Don't Desire God by John Piper, and currently we are working through Romans with the help of the study guide put out by St. Helen's Bishopsgate. We pray together as well as joke around with each other.

During a recent meeting at our local cigar shop, as we were studying, a guy approached our table and asked if we were studying the Bible. As we responded that we were, he was blown away that we would do this here. We invited him to sit in if he'd like. By the end of our meeting he asked if he could regularly join us, which of course we said yes.

This incident reminded me of the importance of discipleship in public. Whether it's in a coffee shop, a restaurant, or even a cigar shop, it's important for us to be living out our faith in the public square; out in the open where people can see. We don't need to ashamed or embarrassed by it, but embrace it. As we do this in pubic, we leave room for God to work in the people who may be around. 

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