Without Jesus ...


It’s Advent/Christmas season, so I knew it was only a matter of time until I heard it: “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Is it just me, or does anyone else find that saying cheesy? I get what it is trying to say and see the truth in the statement. In my opinion, I guess it doesn’t say enough. It will take a long explanation to get at what is trying to be communicated. As I cringed the first time I saw it, I had to stop myself and remember what life was like without Jesus. Without Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross I am still stuck in my sin ... and before he could do that, He entered into this world as a baby (100% God &100% human, but a baby none the less).

Which means I have no hope. No hope of a relationship with my Creator. No hope of being reconciled to Him (Romans 5:10), no hope of adoption (Romans 8:15) into His family. Which leads to no hope of being justified before God, no hope of being sanctified, no hope of being glorified (Romans 8:30).

No hope besides what I can muster up ... only to find that kind of hope is short lived and ultimately futile. No hope that change is possible, let alone a reality that can be experienced. Without this hope there is no true joy, no true peace, no true rest. It is in Christ that we see God  ultimately fulfilling His promise made back in Genesis 3:16 and throughout all of redemptive history, to restore creation and humanity ... all for His glory.

So we return to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. In Him we find reason to remember and celebrate this season. This time of year reminds us where to find true, real, and lasting hope.

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