Best Tobacco I Smoked in 2016

One of the ways I relax, one of the God's gifts that I enjoy, is smoking tobacco from one of my pipes. Sure, we can argue later if I smoke too much or not enough. But suffice to say, I did do some smoking last year and wanted to make some recommendations.

This is a picture of the display rack built for me by a friend. It hangs in my office like a trophy case showing the different tobaccos I finished last year. I'm an aromatic guy, so these of course are all aromatic blends. 

My favorite by far was the blend that I put together "Pastor's Blend" (of which I smoked the most of), that available at our local tobacconist (thanks FDA). While I enjoyed all the tins I tried, a few of stood out. Here are my 3 favorite in order.

1. Stanwell - Vanilla

This was my favorite because, while it presents itself as a simple vanilla, it's way more complex than that. There's more going on that just simple vanilla.

2. Cult - Blood Red Moon

This comes in a close second on the simple fact that label design is cool. This cherry flavored tobacco isn't overpowering, but leaves the room smelling awesome which smoking smooth and cool.

3. Out of Office - Gone Fishin'

Thanks, Pipes and Cigars, for putting this line together in such an affordable way, or else I may never have tried the it. This caramel flavored tobacco is as light as it is sweet.

If you're interested in trying any of these and can't find them at a local tobacconist, you can get them all from Pipes and Cigars. Here are the links: Stanwell - Vanilla , Cult - Blood Red Moon, Out of Office - Gone Fishin'.

(I was not paid or compensated in any way for the above opinions by Pipes and Cigars or any of the tobacco manufacturers.)

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