Book Review: Discipling by Mark Dever

I've been blessed by the ministry of 9 Marks and Mark Dever in numerous ways over the years. Mark's newest book Discipling is no exception. Right from the beginning, with the simple definition of discipling, "... helping others to follow Jesus" (pg. 13), I knew this book was going to be both helpful and challenging. Like most believers, I sometimes make things in the Christian life more complicated than they have to be. Books like this help to boil it down and then challenge me to do it better.

What I Liked

I liked the fact that the farther I got into the book, the more practical it became. It breaks down into 3 main sections; the "what", the "where", and the "how" of discipling. With each section my preconceived notions and expectations were put to the test ... and found to be wanting, or at the very least underdeveloped. The book reminded me throughout, that discipling is about maturity; the maturity of both sides of the equation - the one doing the discipling, and the one being discipled. There are benefits for both sides. I've seen it from both sides in my own life.

Who needs this book

Simple answer: every believer. It would benefit all, in that it serves as a reminder that discipling is a command for us all, we all have a part to play. It's a guide of how to do it well. This book also serves pastors who are involved in these types of ministries to use in the development of both ministries (small groups, community groups, discipleship groups, etc.), as well as a training tool for new leaders.

If you are looking for a book to grow your faith and increase your maturity, this is a good one. You will be encouraged and challenged. Get this book!

(The above quote was taken from Discipling by Mark Dever ©2016 published by Crossway)

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