Vacation 2016

July 15 - 23, 2016 we were on vacation. By we, I mean myself, my wife, my twin 12 year olds, and my mom. It was another driving vacation (I LOVE road trips). We started out in northern Wisconsin visiting relatives and celebrating summer birthdays for a couple of days. From there we spent a couple days at the Wisconsin Dells, the self-proclaimed "waterpark capital of the world". We had a lot of fun getting wet. We came home for a couple of days to rest up (and do laundry). We left again for Milwaukee, Wisconsin to catch a Brewers/Cubs game at Miller Park (never been there before) and stayed at an Airbnb. All in all, a really good vacation.

Why Take A Vacation?

We take a vacation to get a break from the regular routine. Whether we go somewhere or not, we do things we don't normally do. The main things I did was rest and recreate, things I typically don't do well. By rest I mean I slowed down, wasn't on my phone (as much), and dealt with no email. By recreate I mean we as a family did more talking, reading (together - out loud), and playing.

What Made it Good?

It's funny how being out of the regular routine got us talking more, laughing more, and having more fun ... together. Between work, music lessons, swimming, playing video games, laundry, dishes, mowing the lawn, and everything else that seems to get in the way of this for all of us to actually talk. We talked about a lot. We had deeper conversations on both the silly things of life as well as spiritual things ... and we all really enjoyed it. As I reflected on this, I realized this should be a regular part of the regular routine; not just part of the break from that routine. Now it's up to us to figure out how to do that.

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