Book Review: The Grey Mansion by Micah Lee

When a college student from church started a GoFundMe page to self publish her first work of fiction, I gave to it; if for no other reason than to encourage her to continue to follow her dreams. When I found out it had to do with both magic and mystery (both of which are well with within my "geekery" wheel house) I was excited to read it. The further I got into it, the more I found I couldn't put it down. The Grey Mansion by Micah Lee was a great book for someone who I believe has a promising career.

The Grey Mansion is about a mysterious mansion and the young woman who becomes the mistress of the manor. It involves magic and how this young woman comes to understand and manipulate the magic of the manor, as well as those who seek to use the magic for darker purposes. There is a great balance within the book of foreshadowing and flashbacks, without giving away too much of the plot. As a fan of the magical fantasy genre, I was pleasantly surprised  by the use of mystery, to the point where I didn't know where the book was going for about the first third of the book. The middle of the book built to the point where, by the last third, I didn't want to put it down.

This book was fantastic. It scratched an itch for a book in this genre that wasn't predictable. It was a fun read. If you're a fan of this kind of book, I HIGHLY recommend it.

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