Best Quotes from Being There by Dave Furman

Simply put, this is the best book on practical discipleship. Here's why:

"... pain and suffering affect not only the one directly experiencing them, but also everyone around that person." (pg. 18)

"Many professional counselors have said that the single most vital component in healing from pain and loss is having the support of other people. It's important to share with others that you've grieving and going through difficulty. Don't walk this journey alone." (pg. 25)

"Rest assured that because of Jesus, there is always hope, even in the darkest moments of life." (pg. 29)

"... if we don't first love God, we won't have any strength for ministry. One flows directly out of the other." (pg. 34)

"There is a kind of ministry that is without words. It is simply being there. (pg. 48)

"Sometimes they just need a friend to be present and understand this this is a difficult time in their life." (pg. 49)

"We all need the gospel, but times of hurt can be the most important times when we need to be reminded that our hope exists outside of ourselves. Our hope is grounded in the past, secure in the future, and available for us today." (pg. 67)

"... as a Christian, you are called to inconvenience yourself for the sake of others. This is what it means to 'bear one another's burdens.'" (pg. 82)

"Praying for our hurting friends is certainly one of the very best ways we can help them." (pg. 90)

"None of us live alone on an island. Our sin and hypocrisy shape our family life, our friends, our small group, and our church. Our private and secret sins affect others, even if we do not see the immediate effects of them." (pg. 101)

"The goal of counseling is not simply to provide specifics guidance for the person's problems but to uncover what his heart is worshiping and offer redemptive remedies for his struggles. Counseling announces the truth of the gospel with he hope that the person will turn from sin and cling to Christ. This is our hope as we have hard conversations." (pg. 103)

"The journey of the Christian life is supposed to be made together with other believers on the dame trip to the same destination." (pg. 138)

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