Review: Luke Cage on Netflix

I'm a self-professed geek about a great many things, but comic books and sci-fi top the list. When Netflix and Marvel came together to start making super hero themed shows I was excited. My excitement surrounded that fact that Netflix could tell the stories they way the were meant to be told, in a way network and cable TV could not. Luke Cage was the fourth series done on Netflix and it did not disappoint.

For me, this series is the second best of the four that have come out so far. Daredevil season one blew away my expectations for what a superhero series could be. I fully admit that my assessment is based on my affinity for the Daredevil character. What I'm not saying is that Luke Cage is inferior. What I am saying is that I'm kind of a Daredevil fan boy.

What I most appreciated about Luke Cage was the story. It had such a different vibe than anything that had been put out before. This was a well crafted, well told story. Each episode kept me wanting to start the next episode. (By the way, for those interested, I watched the first seven episodes in one day, then 2 episodes a day until I was done ... What do you want? I actually do have a life, and few responsibilities.) That actors chosen for the different roles were well selected and well prepared for their various roles as well.

The other thing I enjoyed about this series was the action. I liked that it wasn't overdone or overused. I may be in the minority here, but if I had bullet proof skin and was super strong, I'm not sure I'd feel the need to be use technique in fighting regular people. The final fight with the main villain proved who was the better technical fighter.

Finally what I appreciated about this series was the look it gave me, as a suburban white guy, into the life of an inner city African-American community. The evening news I see gives me one view, this series gave me another ... and I have to wonder which is more real. This is one of the great things about the comic book genre in general; heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This fact doesn't make them any less of a hero. Being a hero has less to do with powers and more to do with character.

Was I surprised by the story? In ways, yes. Because of my knowledge of Marvel comic book history, I was expecting certain things to happen. While some did, others didn't; as I fan I can appreciate that. The way the season ended, was a shock ... at least for me ... but left me anticipating more.

So, if your geekery leans towards the super hero genre, check out Luke Cage. I doubt you will leave unsatisfied.

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