Pipe Smoking on the Go

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably don't know that I enjoy smoking a pipe and have for years. I'm a locker member at the local cigar shop and even have a blend of tobacco that I created for sale there. Most days I will invariably end up working at the shop for a least part of the day. One of the things I struggled with in the past is how to smoke on the go. I'm fine at the shop with all my supplies and necessities right at hand, but on the go is tougher ... or at least it was.

Up until recently, here's how I traveled with my pipe. I bought this small, sitting pipe because of it's size and shape. It fit easily into the bag (... and yes I see the irony of the "safety" bag). FullSizeRender

Now I have this for the "on the go" smoke. I could put a bag of tobacco (... namely my "pastor's blend") could fit in the pouch instead of a second pipe. On the go, I usually have a tin. I got it from Hank's Handmade US. I saw someone else's on Instagram and contacted him about what I was looking for. I had it like a week later.

IMG_4898If you are looking for an awesome way to travel with your pipe (or pipes) check out Hank's work.

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