Discipleship Groups (Pt. 2) - How They Form

See Part 1 here. Discipleship groups are for those who want to go deeper into Scripture and want to deal more seriously with their sin. Once that is realized and expressed, the question becomes how do Discipleship Groups (DGs) form? The simple answer to that question is organically. Let me explain.

Through Community Groups

We encourage our people who are desirous of deeper discipleship to look first to those guys (or girls) who they are already in community with. At least for us at Redeemer, these are the people with which you are already meeting with regularly. They should, at the very least, have a basic understanding of where you are at spiritually. This leads into the next requirement of organically.

Through Relationship

Because of the Community Group connection, there is already a relationship established. Having a relationship already established means you can get right into the hard work of spiritual growth and the killing of sin. Without this, it will need to be developed because of the next requirement.

Through Trust

Relationship is required because trust is required. Trust is required because the only way growth and the killing of sin will happen is as we are open and honest with each other. Having (or establishing) both relationship and trust lead to deeper conversations about deeper things.


Having an established community, some level of community and trust makes transitioning into a discipleship relationship easier. This is a different kind of relationship that needs to be intentionally transitioned into. Without this transition, true discipleship won't happen.

Or ...

The other way DGs form is when people approach me describing their desire for discipleship. As Community Life Pastor, part of my job is to oversee DGs. While I encourage those who approach me to go seek it within their Community Group, if that doesn't work, for whatever reason, I point them to a current group or encourage a few in that position to start a completely new group.

That's what I mean by saying they form organically. In the final post, I'll be discussing what happens when DG's get together.

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