Discipleship Groups (pt. 1)

Discipleship Groups (pt. 1)


At Redeemer Fellowship we encourage our members to be involved in each others lives through Community Groups (... which I've written on here in four parts 1,2, 3 ,4). But many want to go even deeper with more accountability and the ability to be more open and vulnerable than might be not possible in mixed company. Not that Community Group is bad, it just doesn't allow for a certain kind of discipleship. For people wanting more we also offer Discipleship Groups. At Redeemer we define Discipleship Groups this way: "A Discipleship Group is a group of generally two to four believers of the same gender that gather together regularly for mutual encouragement and accountability as they contend and fight for deeper understanding of and power in the gospel." Here's why we define it this way:

  1. Between "two to four" - There isn't a "group" with less and with any more it is more difficult to care for one another in the amount of time most people have for such gatherings.
  2. Of "... same gender ..." - It's easier with people of your same gender because the struggles are similar and are typically more open to share those struggles.
  3. "... mutual encouragement and accountability ..." - Without both, faith doesn't grow and starts to wither.
  4. To "... contend and fight for deeper understanding of and power in the gospel." - It's in a greater understanding of the gospel that encouragement and accountability come from. The gospel has the power to save. The gospel also has the power to sanctify. It's in both those area where these groups are looking to take to greater depth, practice and experience.

There are times in the life of believers where we all need to be pressing in with each other to go deeper, to fight sin, and to truly see what God is doing in and through us. Discipleship doesn't happen on its own apart from community and doesn't happen apart from transparency.

In my next post on this series, I'll be discussing how the form, followed by a post on these groups function.

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