Web Slinging 9.22.15

Here's what I found helpful as I swung around the web last week: Relevant Magazine put up a post entitled "The Secret Enemy in Your Marriage". It reads in part, "... unexpressed conflict is a poison that slowly, secretly infiltrates every part of your relationship." The post goes on to list 5 ways to protect your marriage from this enemy.

Matt LaMaster had a post on the For the Church site on bitterness. He wrote, "For if you are always critical, then you need something to critique ... The Bible calls this bitterness." If you struggle with bitterness, this post will be helpful in recognizing it and overcoming it.

Desiring God posted a video of Voddie Baucham on the topic of fighting porn addiction. If you're a man who struggles with porn; and by that I mean if you're a man, this is well worth 5 minutes of your time.

What have you found helpful online? Leave a link in the comment section.


#D6 Reflections

#D6 Reflections

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