Book Review: Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn

Book Review: Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn


Confession: I am an unapologetic Joe Thorn fan boy. Not just because he's my pastor. Not just because he and I are pastors together. I'm a fan boy because he's my friend.

As I finished his latest book Experiencing the Trinity, I realized again how thankful I am for our friendship. With his writing he reminded me again just how much I need to preach the gospel to myself everyday. I was reminded again why I need to continue to grow in depth in my theology, in order to be the best theologian I can be.

Why this book is needed

This devotional is needed because it's the best combination of short and deep. Joe has a great way of taking the reader deeper in their thinking and their experience in a short time. Each chapter is about a page to a page and a half and is PACKED with the kind of depth that will leave you meditating the rest of the day; more depth about God the Father, more depth about God the Son, and more depth about God the Spirit. This is not just depth of knowledge, but depth of experience (or showing the lack thereof). Joe's desire with his writing is to show how theology is practical. It's knowledge that becomes wisdom as we practically live out what we claim to believe.

Who needs this book

I believe any believer can benefit from this book. A new believer will get a glimpse of how big God really is. A mature believer will be challenged by how far they still have to go. A pastor will be encouraged by the honesty of a fellow pastor as they seek to be faithful.

Best Quotes

"Until you feel the bondage of guilt, you cannot find the freedom of forgiveness." (pg. 45)

"Your guilt can ruin you, but your sense of guilt can guide you." (pg. 45)

"Where is the joy in finding temporal pleasure in idols that do not love you, cannot care for you, and will always hurt you." (pg. 51)

"Perhaps the simplest reason your faith is small, your love is weak, and your obedience is sparse is because you have lost sight of the love of Jesus for you." (pg. 69)

"The flesh rages, the Devil entices, and the world lies, but Jesus reigns, he empowers, and he promises to give you grace you need to stand up under the temptations you face." (pg. 72)

"If your suffering is going to produce fruit and lead to peace, then your response to it must be rooted in the sufferings of Jesus." (pg. 75)

"The longer you live the life of faith, the more aware you have become of your need for grace. More grace. Grace to believe, fight, resist, act, and love." (pg. 87)

"The mission is not merely to be a disciple, but to make disciples." (pg. 95)

"The return of Jesus is not a doctrine to be debated but a promise to set all your hope on." (pg. 105)

"The comfort you are promised may not be rest for the body, but it is rest for your soul." (pg. 119)

"You don't hate your sin enough." (pg. 124)

"Revival in near, but you must seek it." (pg. 129)

All quotes taken from Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn ©2015 published by Crossway.

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