Web Slinging 8.25.15

Here's what I've been reading as I've swung around the web this past week: Tim Challies had a great post on taking God as His word. He concludes this way, "The great enemy of the Christian is the sin of unbelief—the sin of refusing to accept what God says and the sin of refusing to do what God says. The great friend of the Christian is the joy of belief and the joy of obedience. Where is God asking you to simply take him at his word?" Believer, there is great joy that awaits those who take God at His word and walk with Him in humble obedience.

A new face around church, Hannah Bolton, started a blog recently call with few words. Her first post was entitled Love. She freely admits, "I have said for over half of my life that I love God, but sadly I can’t even count the amount of times I have said that with little to no meaning because again 1. I don’t always care for love like that. 2. I don’t know all that it means and constantly am learning what His love is like. 3. I don’t allow myself to experience and truly grasp what my Father’s love is for me." If you feel anywhere close to where Hannah is, go read the rest of this post and allow her lead you back to your Savior.

Nick Batzig wrote a post on church in the community. He wrote, "Nothing in ministry is easy–much less seeking to guide a church full of sinners like yourself–many of whom have lots of different ideas and opinions about these things–to get into the community for the sake of the Gospel." As pastors and elders we need to be thinking critically, praying expectantly, and planning wisely about this issue.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave me a link in a comment so I can check it out.

Community Groups (pt. 3) - How?

Community Groups (pt. 3) - How?

Tweets of the Week 8.24.15