Tweets of the Week 8.24.15

Here are the tweets that caught my attention:

As parents, we've somehow bought into the myth that showing love during discipline will reinforce the misbehavior. But the opposite is true!

Thoughtfulness is free and burns on time and empathy.

It does no good at all to complain about the problem if you aren't willing to actively & sacrificially be part of the solution.

Christian, you are loved, chosen, forgiven, and secured forever and ever. Carry on accordingly.

The goal of Christian preaching is to say what will be true a thousand years from now and say it so that people today can understand.

God has never been surprised.

The more we preach the gospel to ourselves the more it will overflow like a fountain as we preach it to others.

Web Slinging 8.25.15

Community Groups (pt. 2) - What?

Community Groups (pt. 2) - What?