Best Quotes from Gospel Formed by J.A. Medders

I recently finished reading Gospel Formed by J.A. Medders. This is a great devotional style book. I HIGHLY recommend it. Here's why: Introduction:

"Moving towards gospel-centered living means we never move on from the gospel; rather, its force moves further into our hearts." (pg. 16)

"Gospel-formed people are Jesus-centered people." (pg. 21)

Chapter 1 - The Main Thing

"God made all things awesome. God is the chief reward of the gospel, and all other gifts are from him. " (pg. 40)

"Be engrossed by grace. Be engulfed in grace." (pg. 41)

Chapter 2 - God Demands Gospel-Centeredness

"A Christianity filled with well-intended good advice, severed from the good news, is bad news and bad advice." (pg. 44)

"Going to church doesn't change anything - Jesus does, and he works through his Word and his people." (pg. 45)

Chapter 3 - Gospel Worship

"We need a big and accessible view of Jesus - the Lord of the cosmos who will bounce a kid on his knee and raise a friend from the dead." (pg. 52)

"If you are puttering about your astonishment tank on empty, see the Lord by soaking in the gospel." (pg. 56)

Chapter 4 - Worship is War

"A part of spiritual warfare is cutting the heads off of lies with the sharp edge of truth. Such warfare is vital." (pg. 61)

"Believe and sing; sing and believe. You are in the middle of a war." (pg. 62)

Chapter 5 - Gospel Eye-Candy

"News gets old when it ceases to be new news." (pg. 64)

"Gospel-hungry Christians want the glory of Jesus Christ to their eye apples, and the best place in the universe to find such fruit is in the Book of Books." (pg. 67)

Chapter 6 - Jesus Ignites Inexpressible Joy

"Our worship, our responding to God, can seem soggy because we've forgotten the atomic power of grace." (pg. 69)

"Worship grounded in the gospel runes deeper than words: its about a heart on fire." (pg. 71)

Chapter 7 - The King Jesus Bible

"There is glory all around us, and we are missing it." (pg. 73)

"Gospel-driven saints love the Bible because it's about their first love, their great God and Savior, the King of kings, the Lord or lords, the great I AM, the Lamb, the Lion - Jesus of Nazareth." (pg. 79-80)

Chapter 8 - Deep and Wide Worship

"Do you want to go deep? Center your life on the gospel by supergluing the glories of grace to you heart, head, and hands - daily." (pg. 82)

"Rummage around in the gospel and you'll see how it all comes back, like metal to a magnet, to a set of nail-pierced hands and feet." (pg. 85)

Chapter 9 - The Happiness of Grace

"At our most desperate moment, when we think we've reached the last drop of God's love and he couldn't possibly be gracious again toward that sin - sure enough, God gives more grace." (pg. 87)

"Whatever weighs you down, know this: God gives grace." (pg. 92)

Chapter 10 - Jesus Squashes Our Idols

"Idolatry is taking anything other than the true God of the Bible and making it ultimate in your life." (pg. 94)

"Growth is fueled when we are filled with the glory of Jesus." (pg. 96)

Chapter 11 - Whether You Eat or Drink

"Pursue healthiness because of holiness." (pg. 102)

"The gospel of the kingdom goes into every nook and cranny of life; the reign of Christ extends to all its edges - food, sex, entertainment, Netflix, hobbies, books, everything." (pg. 103-104)

Chapter 12 - The Forever-Fullness of Jesus

"Jesus is the source and subject of our joy." (pg. 106)

"Go back to the gospel - again. Not for conversion, but for comfort. The gospel - Jesus' death and resurrection - is a one-time event, but we believe it more than once - we believe it and re-beleive it every day. God's gospel declares that you are free." (pg. 108-109)

Chapter 13 - Gospel Identity

"All your hurts, hang-ups, disappointments, and struggles do not make up who you are. Only Jesus does." (pg. 114)

"By looking inward instead of upward, fixating on our sins instead of Jesus, we are subtly drawn away from the power of Christ." (pg. 115)

Chapter 14 - You Are Greatly Loved

"Anytime you doubt the great love of God for you, there is one place to always look - Calvary." (pg. 120)

"... God's love for us then our love for him. The former fuels the latter. Our love for him can only be sparked and sustained by his love for us." (pg. 122)

Chapter 15 - God Comforts You, His Child

"God's promises about eternity are meant to help you get through yesterday, today, and tomorrow." (pg. 124)

"Our sufferings here, whatever they are, can't hold a candle to the joy that lies ahead." (pg. 125)

Chapter 16 - You Are a Gospel Soldier

"We don't manage sin - we can't; we tried. We massacre it." (pg. 130)

"The more our souls are rattled by the awesomeness of the gospel, the less we are drawn to sin." (pg. 130)

Chapter 17 - You Are Condemnation-Free

"God loves you so much! He wants you to feel it. He cares for you. All he gives you is grace. He didn't save you so you could hang your head and feel guilty - that's not what he wants for you. He wants you to experience freedom, joy, and a life centered on the gospel." (pg. 135)

"Like all children, we will disobey our Father, and like a good father, he will discipline us. This too is grace." (pg. 137)

Chapter 18 - A Gospel-Centered Catechism

"A defeated, depressed, downtrodden, exasperated, exhausted, joyless, burned-out Christianity is not Christianity." (pg. 141)

"Stand-alone spiritual discipline are just vehicles that help us draw near to God. They aren't the answer to a struggling heart; rather, they take us to the answer." (pg. 144)

Chapter 19 - Everyone a Gospeler

"A gospel community is about serving and being served, encouraging and being encouraged to find our absolute hope and satisfaction in the risen Jesus." (pg. 151)

"Pride can puff up in community and pride can hide in community. It will keep you from reaping the benefits of biblical, Jesus-exalting, gospel-loving, truly helpful connections with others, and it will cause you to drift. A hardening heart grows colder under the darkness of pride;  sin grows exponentially under pride's reign. You need gospel truth to reign over you, for Jesus died to set you free." (pg. 152)

Chapter 20 - A Community of Gospel Friends

"Walking with God will always lead to walking with others." (pg. 155)

"A gospel culture is one where no sin is safe but sinners are always welcome." (pg. 156

Chapter 21 - Jesus Love the Church. Do You?

"The Christian faith is no private enterprise. We aren't intended to pursue Jesus alone. Part of your calling as a Christian is to refresh the hearts of you brothers and sisters." (pg. 159)

"A Christian walking in the power of the Holy Spirit will blow away cobwebs of stagnancy and fortify the faithful." (pg. 160)

Chapter 22 - Gospel Community Anchors Us to Reality

"In the gospel, God gives us himself and God gives us each other. The Lord has given us both His Spirit and a Spirit-empowered community." (pg. 164)

"The Word of God without a gospel community can be abused, misapplied, and ignored. And a community that isn't centered on the gospel on the Word of God will only gutter itself person by person into nothingness." (pg. 165)

Chapter 23 - We Need Gospel Courage

"The gospel saves. And the gospel sends ... The gospel is both a call to salvation and a calling on our lives." (pg. 172)

"Once the gospel is powerful to you, it will become powerful through you. (pg. 174)

Chapter 24 - Pointing to the Otherness of Jesus

"Evangelism is squarely about a cross and a tomb, not our pet agendas, social issues, or political opinions." (pg. 177)

"Hardly anyone thinks Jesus was a bad guy. But far too many people think Jesus was simply a 'good guy.' We must remember there is no was with Jesus - Jesus is." (pg. 181)

Chapter 25 - The Gospel Mobilizes Us for Mission

"Gospel mission spreads through the patient discipleship of ordinary Christians." (pg. 185)

"Gospel mission isn't dependent on our ability. This realization should defuse our fears and hang-ups about proclaiming Jesus' name." (pg. 186)

Chapter 26 - Welcome to the Mission Field

"... mission unfolds wherever you are." (pg. 188)

"Evangelism isn't a mystical experience - in't normal. Evangelism happens everyday. (pg. 190)

Chapter 27 - Gospel Enjoyment Leads to Gospel Mission

"Gospel mission grows out of gospel enjoyment." (pg. 193)

"Evangelism is joy on overflow. (pg. 194)

Conclusion - Keep Going

"Today when you sin, and tomorrow when you sin bigger, Christ is bigger still." (pg. 199)

"Keep looking to Jesus: this is gospel-centererness." (pg. 200)

(All quotes taken from Gospel Formed by J.A. Medders ©2014 and published by Kregel Publications.)

And that is just a taste. If you are looking for a devotional, get this one; it will reorientate you to your Savior. You can get it here.

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