Book Review: Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt

Thanks to Crossway's "Beyond the Page" program I got a free iBooks copy of Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt. In this great book he describes what being a disciple of Christ should look like in everyday life. He wrote this book because:

Church has been wrongly defined discipleship only as an event: a Bible study on Wednesday or a class and worship service on Sunday. (Chapter 1)

He goes on later in the book to describe the rhythms of everyday life that, when taken advantage of with intentionality, can lead to deeper levels of discipleship. These rhythms are things most of us do everyday, or at least should do regularly anyway. The rhythms are:

Eat, Listen, Story Bless, Celebrate and ReCreate. (Chapter 15)

As we move in and out of these areas with each other we will experience faith in deeper ways. This is the kind of discipleship we all truly need, not the superficial event that ends up on most of our calendars.

The best quote of the book is:

Whatever he has done in you, he now wants to do through you. (Chapter 12)

I would recommend this book to any believer who doesn't feel like they are being discipled. It will do one of two things: either show you that you are being discipled (albeit slower than you'd like), or cause you to desire it for yourself and your church. Pastors and leaders there is practical help here for seeing this implemented in your context. Don't wait, get this book.

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