Best Quotes From When I Don't Desire God: How To Fight For Joy by John Piper

I read this book back in 2004/2005 when it first came out. I needed to be reminded that joy is something I need to fight for in order to retain. It's seem recently I forgot that and therefore it was time to read this great book again. Here is some of what God revealed to me this time through: Forward and Prayer

"... only God can create joy in God."

Chapter 1

"The key to endurance in the cause of self-sacrificing love is not heroic willpower, but deep, unshakable confidence that the joy we have tasted in fellowship with Christ will not disappoint us in death."

"This will happen when Christians don't just say that is Christ is valuable, or sing that Christ is valuable, but truly experience in their hearts the unsurpassed worth of Jesus ..."

Chapter 2

"The Bible teaches us to desire God and to have joy in God, or delight in God."

"God is glorified in his people by the way we experience him, not nearly by the way we think about him."

Chapter 3

"Trusting Christ as our Treasure means seeing and savoring him as a Treasure. Christ is not our Treasure if we do not treasure him."

"The fight for joy is the struggle to trust God with he burdens of life. It's a fight for freedom from worry. It's a fight for hope and peace and joy, which are all threatened by unbelief and doubt about God's promises."

Chapter 4

"The deepest reason why we cannot rejoice in the Lord is that by nature we are dead. That is, we have no spiritual sensitivity to the truth and beauty of the gospel of Christ."

"We must delight in God. And only God can change our hearts so that we delight in God. We are thrown back on God utterly. The Christian life is all of grace."

Chapter 5

"All strategies in the fight for joy are directly or indirectly strategies to see Christ more fully."

"The glory we have already seen, and the hope that we will see more, creates and sustains our joy now."

Chapter 6

"Truth and affections. Doctrine and joy. Both are essential."

"Hearing the word of the cross, and preaching it to ourselves, is the central strategy for sinners in the fight for joy. Nothing works without this. Here is where we start. And here is where we stay. We never outgrow the gospel."

Chapter 7

"... we may lack hope because we think we need something we do not need. It may take the Word of God to show us what we really need, and then to give the power to get it. In the end what we really need is Christ. He is the sum of all our hopes."

"The Word of God is the instrument for killing sin. The truth will set you free."

Chapter 8

"Most Christians neglect their Bibles not out of conscious disloyalty to Jesus, but because of failure to plan a time and place and method to read it."

"Happiness in God comes from seeing God revealed to us in the face of Jesus Christ through the Scriptures."

"Christian joy is a community project."

"The stresses of life, the interruptions, the disappointments, the conflicts, the physical ailments, the losses - all of these may well be the very lens through which we see the meaning of God's Word as never before. Paradoxically, the pain of life may open us to the Word that becomes the pathway to joy."

Chapter 9

"The goal of brokenhearted repentance is the blessing of humble, Christ-exalting joy."

"... prayer is the revealer of the heart. What a person prays for show the spiritual condition of his heart."

"Without prayer we will try to fulfill the Word in our own strength and think we are succeeding ... or we will realize we are not succeeding and will give up in despair."

Chapter 10

"The main method of prayer in the fight for joy is to pray the Word of God."

"... in the fight for joy, it helps to have a focused center to your praying, and it help to have some written, Bible-saturated prayers to keep you from sinking to a low level of man-centered craving."

Chapter 11

"Not all joy exalts Christ. Joy exalts what we rejoice in."

"... our gratitude is ultimately rooted in what God is, not in what he gives."

"In our fight for joy, we must not neglect the ministry of God to our souls in the world he as made."

"... if we would see the glory of God, we must rest."

Chapter 12

"... seasons of darkness are normal in the Christian life."

"Saints who cry to the Lord for deliverance from pits of darkness must learn to wait patiently for the Lord."

"It is utterly critical that in our darkness we affirm the wise, strong hand of God to hold us, even when we have strength to hold him."

"Failing to rejoice in God when are commanded to rejoice is sin. False comfort lead to artificial healing. But the truest diagnoses lead to the deepest cures."

"Sin destroys joy."

"Joy in Christ thrives on being shared. That is the essence of Christian joy: It overflows or dies."

(All quotes taken from the kindle edition of When I Don't Desire God by John Piper ©2004 by Desiring God Foundation and published by Crossway)

If joy is not something you regularly experience, read and apply this book. I'm thankful (again) to Pastor Piper for (re)teaching how to fight for joy.

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