Learning to Pray

I struggle with the spiritual discipline of prayer. I'm too easily distracted and my mind tends to wander ... a lot. In order to overcome this I read a lot of books on prayer as well as book of written prayers; my favorite being the Valley of Vision. This morning I read this:

May my religion be always rooted in thy Word, my understanding divinely informed, my affections holy and heavenly, my motives simple and pure, and my heart never wrong with thee.

Deliver me form the natural darkness of my own mind, from the corruptions of my heart, from the temptations to which I am exposed, from the daily snares that attend me.

(Taken from God Honoured (pages 24 & 25) of The Valley of Vision edited by Author Bennett, original © 1975, published by Banner of Truth)

I'm thankful for books like this that remind me how to pray and what I should be praying for.

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