The 5 Fundamental Areas of Any Community Group Meeting

As I'm reading INsourcing by Randy Pope, I came across this list of fundamental areas that all Community Groups (that what we call Small Groups at Redeemer ... you could sub in "Missional Communities" or like the book does "Life-on-Life Discipleship", or whatever you call them) need have on a regular basis in order to truly be discipling.

Truth - what God has revealed for his people to know, understand and obey.

Equipping - massaging God's truth into life so that it becomes understandable and usable.

Accountability - asking hard questions to encourage living fully for Christ.

Mission - Engaging with the lost world in order to impart the gospel through word and deed.

Supplication - engaging in conversation with God to express dependance on him.

(The above quote was taken from page 163 0f INsoursing by Randy Pope ©2013 published by Zondervan)

Is he right? I believe he is. Which areas are you strong in and which areas are you weak in? How can you, as a leader or a participant, change that? Share your thoughts in the comment section and join the conversation.

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