Web Slinging 6.30.15

Here's what I've been reading as I've swung around the web lately: LifeWay had a post on ways to become a better listener. It reads, "When we listen to someone, we are saying (without words) to that person that he is of value to God and also of worth to us." Pastors and parents, there is helpful hints here, go check it out.

Eric Geiger had a great post on what marks a healthy culture. He defines what he's talking about this way, "By culture, I am referring to the shared values and beliefs that undergird all that the ministry or organization does." He then goes on to give 3 distinguishing marks. How true are these marks in our churches, pastors?

Thom Rainer had a post on his blog on how not to fix a discipleship problem at church. It reads, "When the church fails to disciple, the result is baby believers who never grow (even though they may be placed in leadership positions)." The post goes on to list several ways not to fix it and ends with practical suggestion on how to fix it.

Relevant Magazine had a post on worship being more than just music. It reads, "At its core, worship is accrediting worth to God. And there are actually many different ways we should worship God ..." The post goes on to list 4.

What have you been reading online lately? Feel free to leave a link in the comment section for me to check out.

Reviewing Books Just Got a Little Easier

Reviewing Books Just Got a Little Easier

Tweets of the Week 6.29.15