Tweets of the Week 6.29.15

Here are the tweets that caught my attention last week:

Grace is your rest, obedience is your calling. God's mercy is your hope, his glory is your purpose.

One generation saw America as Israel. The next sees it as Babylon. Lord, help us live as exiles and sojourners.

Dont hide your scars...they are proof to you and everyone else that GOD HEALS!

The past is not always something to be forgotten. What you want to be in the future is rooted in what you've been in the past. Deut. 8

Don't forget the past, but don't live in it either. Learn from it and forge ahead!

The Spirit of God liberates Christians from any leverage sin has over them.

It's simply true: Sin always promises satisfaction, but sin always delivers enslavement.

Web Slinging 6.30.15

The Hard Work Of: Being Present

The Hard Work Of: Being Present