Web Slinging 6.23.15

Here's what I've been reading online in the past week as I swung around the web: Chelsea Vaughn had a post on Gospel-Centered Discipleship on the topic of rebellion and rest. She wrote, "My rebellion is not reckless defiance, but rather a doubtful and disbelieving heart." We all struggle, that's a reality. This post helped me see I was struggling against the wrong thing.

Desiring God had a post on unhappiness. It reads this way near the end, "Half-hearted Christians are not happy Christians." This is a reminder we call could use.

Michael Kelly had a post on the LifeWay site on making multiplication less painful. He writes, "When you make disciples who in turn make disciples, you start operating on a scale of multiplication instead of only addition ... Unfortunately, multiplication hurts more than addition does — especially in a small group setting." He goes on to list ways to minimize that tension and pain.

What have you been reading online? Feel free to leave me a comment and a link to check out.

The Hard Work Of: Being Present

The Hard Work Of: Being Present

Tweets of the Week 6.22.15