Joe Thorn on the Forgiveness of God

Joe Thorn is my friend as well as my pastor. He is also an author. His second book, Experiencing the Trinity is a great devotional. I recently read chapter 10 entitled, He Forgives. Here are some of the best quotes:

Until you feel the bondage of your guilt, you cannot find the freedom of forgiveness. (pg. 45)

Your guilt can ruin you, but your sense of guilt can guide you. (pg. 45)

... your sense of all this should lead you not to an empty despair that ends in death, but to a hungry despair that seeks and feasts on grace! (pg. 45)

It's good that your sins bother you. (pg. 45)

... God forgives his people. He sees your guilt, takes it from you, and gives it to his Son, who willingly received it and its punishment on your behalf. (pg. 45)

When your sins pain your heart, when the Devil accuses you of being a half-Christian whose sins are worse than anyone else, look to the God who forgives. He has the final word on you and your guilt. (pg. 46)

(All quotes taken from Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn ©2015 by Crossway.)

Get this book, it will be good for your soul.

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