Tweets of the Week 6.15.15

Here are the tweets that caught my attention last week:

Christian worship—the "reset to default" button of the soul.

Hey Pastor, It's not your job to fill the pew, it's your job to fill the pulpit. - Adrian Rogers

God renews minds, quiets consciences and fills with joy when we hear the truth about Christ in Scripture--especially when we're in worship.

Fear will try to convince you that you are a fraud and not good enough. Push back fear and take the step. God's power is with you.

Contentment is better than happiness

The problem is not that we're wrong. We all get it wrong sometimes. The real problem is when we have no one who can correct us.

A little theology applied to the heart will always do more than a volume of theology stuck in the head.

Web Slinging 6.17.15

Costly vs. Cheap Grace

Costly vs. Cheap Grace