Tweets of the Week 6.1.15

Here are the tweets that I caught during the past 2 weeks:

The best way to bring change is to first of all be changed.

God doesn't blink. He doesn't slumber or sleep. He keeps.

Sometimes you must explain your sin in order to repent. But you must never explain your sin instead of repenting.

Acknowledgement of wrongdoing is not repentance. Repentance is active.

Speak truth and people will hear you when you tell them you love them. Love people and they'll hear you when you must tell them the truth.

If kids are leaving the church, maybe it’s because we’ve failed to give them a view of Jesus that’s compelling enough to satisfy them.

Your duty is to believe and to preach what the Bible says, not what you want it to say.

Web Slinging 6.2.15

What I Learned During My Time In Japan

What I Learned During My Time In Japan