Web Slinging 5.12.15

Here's what I've found helpful and/or useful online as I swung around the web this past week: The Gospel Coalition has a post on the topic of community. It reads, "Closely following your need for God is your need for other believers. Not understanding this profound connection between the vertical and the horizontal weakens the fabric of our faith." Just like the post suggests, if you aren't in community with other believers, you need to be. Seek it out.

Ed Stetzer had another great post on leadership. He wrote, "Leadership is not the accumulation of influence and power; it is the distribution of influence and service." If you are in leadership of any kind, Ed's words are well worth considering. We all have room to grow.

Greg Gibson wrote a post on habits and how to keep them gospel-centered. He wrote, "The opposite of reactionary living (responding to the circumstances life brings) is intentional living (having a plan and being disciplined enough to stick to it)." He goes on to list several ways to accomplish intentional living.

Logan Gentry wrote a post on discipleship. It ends this way, "This makes it clear that there is only one way to make disciples…patiently." Making disciples is slow, messy work ... but it's work worth doing.

Ben Reed wrote a post on statements that destroy small groups. He says these, "Statements that will destroy community rather than foster it." If you lead a small group or are in one, check this out and learn from it.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave me a link in the comment section to check out.

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