Kids in Community

So, I'm reading Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony. Yesterday I finished chapter 5. It was all about kids in community. My heart is so full of joy and hope that I had to share these quotes:

Our kids desperately need the faith community because it is the one place were there are other people who worship the same God, believe the same things, and are dedicated to living the same life. Our children need to know they are not alone. (pg. 83)

When these two places, home and faith community, work together in harmony, they have lifelong influence. Neither home nor faith community can do it alone, but together they offer the best opportunity for faith to take root into the adult years. (pg. 87)

It's imperative that we put our children in close proximity to the faith community, because the work is hostile toward their faith. (pg. 90)

The faith community is a place to be strengthened, to be known, to remember God, and to celebrate in worship. In order for the faith community to retain its vibrancy, however, it must continually be increasing in new life and authentic transformation. (pg. 96)

All quotes taken from Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony © 2010 and published by David C. Cook.

I love when people say things that I've been thinking. I (sort of) hate it when they say it better than I could. So, I settle on be thankful for these words. May we continue to find creative ways to include kids in faith communities.

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