Web Slinging 5.5.15

As I've swung around the web this past week, here's what I've found helpful: Brian Hedges had a post on Crosswalk on principles of biblical friendship. He warns, "Many factors contribute to the death of friendship." Since God has created us for community, here are some principles to keep in mind to make the most of it.

Paul Tripp had a 1:39 video on the Verge Network site on the connection between brokenness and mission. He states, "So, we don’t want subtle little tension, subtle little pressures, subtle little disagreements begin to corrupt our marriage, because we haven’t been paying attention to our need for ministry as we’re giving ministry.” Watch the video and be encouraged.

Desiring God had a post from Sam Storms' message from their Pastor's Conference about the insanity of killing people over cognitive abilities. The post ends with this quote from Storms, "And that is the insanity of abortion and euthanasia based on rationality and intellectual capacity. We are not killing “them” — we’re killing ourselves." This is a topic that should concern more believers.

Relevant Magazine had a post on how marriage should change you. It reads, "... the type of change that transforms marriage and allows us to enjoy each other more with each passing year is less about self-fulfillment and more about self-denial ..." Change and growth is not only healthy, but necessary in marriage (... as well as all of life).

Nick Batzig had a post on the good and bad of small groups. He says, "... there will always be dividends and drawbacks to a small group structure in a church." He goes on to list 5 of each. This is good to keep in mind.

My friend, Jared Kennedy started a series of post on the Bible and childhood development. He writes, "In my view, as children grow and develop, they do encounter crises as Erikson envisioned. But I understand these “crises” to be Satanic in nature." I excited to revisit this with Jared and benefit from his insights ... and you should too.

What have you been reading online? Leave a link the comment section and I will check it out.

Defining Your Ministry Area of Influence (pt. 2) - Are you Overextended?

Defining Your Ministry Area of Influence (pt. 2) - Are you Overextended?

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