Tweets of the Week 4.27.15

Here are the tweets that caught my attention from last week:

Mentoring is the key to equipping the next generation. It’s a process not an event.

Worried? Worship. Problems? Praise. Anxious? Adore. Situations change. God doesn’t. Always in control. Always caring. Always able to help.

God's new mercies every morning cover not only today's burdens but tomorrow's uncertainties and yesterday's failures.

As a leader, remember ABC Always Be reCruiting. Strong bench = Strong Team. Always be looking for your replacement.

Prayer. We get the help. God gets the glory.

It is not a strong faith that saves, but a strong Savior.

We are so dependent on God for all things that we are actually dependent on God to reveal how dependent we are.

Web Slinging 4.28.15

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