Ryle on Jesus Knowing Our Works

JC Ryle, in his book Holiness, reminds readers of John's words in the book of  Revelation to the churches. He reminds us that Jesus 'knows our works.' Ryle says it like this:

But think also what encouragement there is here for every honest and true-hearted believer. To you also, Jesus says, ‘I know thy works.’ You see no beauty in action that you do. All seems imperfect, blemished, and defiled. You are often sick a heart of your shortcomings. You often feel that your whole life is one great arrear, and that every day is either a blank or a blot. But know now, that Jesus can see some beauty in everything that you do from a conscientious desire to please Him. His eye can discern excellence in the least thing which is a fruit of His own Spirit. He can pick out the grains of gold from amid the dross of your performances, and sift the wheat from amid the chaff in all your doings. You tears are all put into His bottle. You endeavors to do good to others, however feeble, are written in His book of remembrance. The least cup of cold water given in His name shall not lose its reward. He does not forget your work and labour of love, however little the world may regard it. (pg. 228)

This is a good thing ... if you are a believer. This brings comfort and encouragement. Jesus doesn't ask for perfection, just faithfulness.

Quote taken from Holiness by JC Ryle originally published in 1879, reprinted and ©1979 in current format by Evangelical Press.

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