Tweets of the Week 4.20.15

Here are the tweets that caught my attention last week:

God always provides FOR everything He calls you TO.

Grace continually overflows from those whom it continues to overwhelm.

Our world needs resilient adults not fragile ones.

Our logic, or the logic of theologians we respect, can easily become our real authority. But that position is reserved for God’s Word alone.

Who you are, your identity, is a gift you receive, not a duty you must achieve.

God allows His children to suffer so that the contrast between people who know and love Jesus, and those who don't, can be clearly seen.

Teach me the way of the pastor, the way of the poet warrior, exposing his heart, entering the fray for the sake of the sheep.

How Often I Need to Hear This

Heading Out ... to Japan?!?

Heading Out ... to Japan?!?