Web Slinging 4.14.15

Here's what I've been reading online as I swung around the web last week: JA Medders had a post entitled Why Peter's Idiocy Is So Helpful. He wrote, "Peter messed up a lot, but he was faithful to the end—and at the end." Pastors, we can all learn from Peter.

Matthew Sims had a great post on Gospel Centered Discipleship on sleep. He starts the post by saying, "We all have seasons of life where we might get less sleep than we should, but the right amount of sleep is integral for being a mature disciple." In order to be effective at anything, our bodies need sleep. Mature disciples understand this, growing disciples sometimes need to be reminded.

Joel Beeke had a post on Ligonier on the topic of communication. He starts out with the assertion, "We need to understand that communication is an art that we all must learn better." This is one of those areas we could all grow in.

Ed Stetzer had a post on relational discipleship and what it has to do with Legos. As to how discipleship and Legos relate, the post says, "... the idea of connecting the top and the bottom, different colors, different shapes, different sizes, different boxes, denominations, different years they were made, it just made sense. There is a universality to it all." This is a post most churches will benefit from reading ... if they care about discipleship.

What have you been reading online? Leave a comment with a link for me to check out.

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Heading Out ... to Japan?!?

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