Medders on Gospel Identity

I've been digging J.A. Medders book Gospel Formed. It's a small, short chaptered devotional that I've deliberately taken my time with. Here's an example of why:

All your hurts, hang-ups, disappointments, and struggles do not make you who you are. Only Jesus does. pg. 114

By looking inward instead of upward, fixating on our sins instead of Jesus, we are subtly drawn away from the power of Christ. pg. 115

Gospel-centeredness means we go back to the cross and find ourselves there, not in our sin. pg. 116

(Quotes taken from Gospel Formed by J.A. Medders ©2014 by Kregel)

If you don't have this book, change that. Get it. Bring needed refreshment to  your soul.


Loss of Heart

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