Best Quotes from What's Best Next by Matt Perman

So ... I finally finished reading What's Best Next by Matt Perman. Yes, I know I started it last summer. For your information I did have to put it down for a while before it started to make sense. And yes, it did take me some time to figure out how to apply it to my life. All that being said, I'm grateful for this book. This book help me to see what I was missing and why I was getting frustrated with my productivity. It's an excellent resource for anyone who is struggling with trying to get things done.

Here are a few of the quotes that really impacted me:

"... effectiveness is not first techniques or tools, but character." pg. 13

"This book is for screwups and failures." pg. 32

"When you don't have work clearly defined, there can never be any finish point." pg. 36

"... productivity is not first about getting things done faster. It's about getting the right things done." pg. 43

"The ultimate reason to center your life and productivity on God is because Jesus is worth it." pg. 57

"... productivity doesn't happen accidentally. We are called to be intentional in the way we live our lives." pg. 65

"... good works are not simply the rare, special, extraordinary, or super spiritual things we do. Rather, they are anything we do in faith." pg. 77

"A great work is not given to God if God is not the great end of what we do or give." pg. 94

"The gospel is about what God did for us in Christ, not about what we do for God." pg. 107

"... finding our peace of mind outside ourselves frees us to serve more, not less." pg. 120

"True and lasting effectiveness comes from character, which is not simply an ingredient of an effective life but the foundation of it." pg. 124

"... personal productivity ... is, the process of taking our talents, abilities, and opportunities and making them useful for the good of others, the glory of God, and our joy." pg. 140

"Your ministry is discovered, not chosen." pg. 150

"As with everything, so with mistakes; make excellent mistakes. Make mistakes of forward motion, not mistakes of sloth." pg. 175

"... be centered, not balanced." pg. 184

"Spontaneity is a necessary element for innovation." pg. 205

"But excellence happens when you go beyond your schedule. Competence is doing what you need to do. Excellence is knowing what you're supposed to do, getting it on autopilot, and going beyond." pg. 217

"To get more done, do less, not more." pg. 225

"... 80 percent of you productivity comes from 20 percent of your tasks." pg. 236

"The best way to overcome procrastination, then, is to love what you do." pg. 243

"Prayer is essential for our planning, because God is the one who ultimately makes our plans effective." pg. 258

"Projects and action lists are great ways to help us think proactively about the good of others." pg. 285

"... you operate better when you have space to think." pg. 291

"Bad management hurts people, and bad leadership hurts people; in fact, doing anything badly hurts people." pg. 305

"The result of living out our Christian lives -wise in all respects, in terms of how we manage our time and our jobs, as well as making sure to speak up about the gospel - is that many people around us will come to faith." pg. 318

"Make the goal of your life to show the greatness of Jesus Christ by doing good for others, and organize your life around this purpose." pg. 325

Quotes taken from What's Best Next by Matt Perman ©2014 by Zondervan.

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