Web Slinging 3.31.15

Here's what I've been reading online as I've swung around the web: Chelsea Vaughn had a post on Gospel-Centered Discipleship on multiplication. She explains that, "Discipleship must push people towards their calling and mission." We need to get into each other's lives and out of this mindset of a once-a-week meeting.

Relevant Magazine had a post about ways to be a better neighbor. It reads, "As Christians, Jesus made all humanity our neighbors. But sometimes I think we forget that includes our literal neighbors, too—people who are uniquely positioned to casually share our lives."

Tracy Richardson had a post Gospel-Centered Discipleship on idols. She offers this encouragement, "It is amazing God uses flawed humans like you and me to spread his glory and fame."

Scott Postma had a post on his blog about pastors I'm concerned about. He writes, "Abuse, apostasy, and irrelevance are just a few of the words that keep coming up in the search for reasons for the decline ... I’m concerned about pastors and the role they play in the church’s decline."

Ed Stetzer had a post on small groups and why they are vital. He wrote, "I find that a lot of Christian discipleship deals with what you need to know, not who you need to be with."

What have you been reading online lately? Feel free to leave a comment and link for me to check out.

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