Web Slinging 3.26.15

WARNING: (Being rant) Even though some online have said this type of post isn't effective, I'll keep doing it. I believe that all of us are smarter than one of us; and I may be pointing you others who are like minded. (End rant) Here's what I've been reading online this past week:

My friend Dave Jenkins had a post about blooming where you're planted. He wrote, "I’ve been looking toward ministry for so long that I’d missed something incredibly important: God wants to use me where I’m currently planted to produce patience, thankfulness and joy, fruits of the gospel in me." This is a needed reminder for all present and future pastors and leaders because it's not an easy lesson to learn.

The Verge Network had a post on the church. In it, Jeff Vanderstelt wrote, "It’s time to equip and mobilize Jesus’ church out of the building and into life." Pastors, what are we called to do and are we doing it?

Relevant Magazine had a post on community. It reads, "We love the idea of community—everyone engaged and involved and connected—but how many people show up ... longing for someone to reach out to them, shake their hand and have more than a two-second conversation?" We are created for community, real community, and that's what this post is about.

Desiring God had a post by Paul Maxwell on laziness. It reads, "What is the first thing a lazy man can do to find his way out of laziness? He can know with personal nuance and practical specificity the position that he is in 'to discern his way.'" This post is focused at men boys. It is practical and worth your time.

Jen Thorn had a great post on the subject of holiness. She not only defines it but reminds us of its importance. This is a must read for all believers, it's that important.

What have you been reading online? Leave a link in the comment section for me to check out.

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