Home Again ... Finally

Last weekend is still a bit of a blur. It was the last big push in our move. For those that don't know the story, read it here. Last weekend, with help of an army of people we moved: the last of our stuff (mostly furniture) from our house, the last of Mom's stuff from her apartment and her entire storeroom. It was all to the new house, off the trucks and out of the vans in less that 5 hours. By the end of the day, the kid's rooms were unpacked and all the furniture was placed. While I'm tired (and more than a little sore) even days later, I'm also extremely thankful. Here's are the two things I'm most thankful for:

God's Greatness

God displayed His greatness (again) to me and my family with how this all worked out (see link up top if you haven't read it yet). I'm now in the home that meant a lot to my Mom and have the privilege of taking care of her and making her part of my family. I'm looking forward to memories that will be made.

Great Family & Friends

We had so much help last weekend ... almost too much. We had family and friends that sacrificed not only time, but large amounts of energy on our behalf. This is a debt that won't easily be repaid ... but I look forward to trying.

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