Here's what I've been reading online as I've swung around the web: The Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) had a post on the link between confession and depression. Author Ed Welch says, "The misery of depression is in its apathy. That’s what makes you feel dead. You feel nothing, so you do nothing." If you are one who is prone to depression, read this post and learn how confession can be helpful.

9 Marks had a great post on the discipleship of guys. It reads, "Every follower of Christ, should be taught to obey everything Christ has commanded. Yet God places a special burden of leadership on men ..." Men we need to be discipling each other, this post will help give that goal momentum and purpose.

Paul Tripp had a post on Christianity Today about manliness. In it he says, "The quest for true manhood ultimately drives us to the cross of Jesus Christ." Good advice, check out what else he says.

Darrin Patrick had a post on asking the perfect question. He wrote, "Good questions are aimed at transformed lives, not just transferred information." Go check out the rest of this short post to see what that question is.

Larry Osborn has a great post over on Desiring God on leading with joy. One of the points he made this way, "... if I can’t lead with a grateful and joyful heart, the kingdom will be better served if I step aside or take a timeout so that someone else can take the mantle." This is a powerful post worthy of your attention.

Thom Rainer had a great post on habits of effective pastors. If your a pastor, or even in leadership of a ministry in your church this is an extremely helpful tool to measure yourself by.

What have you been reading online this week? Leave me a comment and/or link and I'll check it out.

Tweets of the Week 3.24.15

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day