Web Slinging 3.10.15

Here's what I've been reading as I've done my Spider-man impersonation and swung around the web: Relevant had a post about the link between calling and obedience. It reads, "The point of calling is it really strips away what man thinks is important and it comes back to this purity of heart that says, 'No this is actually something assigned by God.' " Calling is more that just doing what you love, it's also doing what you are commanded to do; which means it ultimately about faithfulness.

My friend Jared Kennedy had a post on Gospel Centered Family (that we both write for along with our friend Jeff Hutchings) on discipleship. He wrote about 3 different ways discipleship is like learning and playing jazz music. His first point he summed up this way, "Great instruction affects knowing, being, and doing." I'll let you read the post about the other 2 parts.

9 Marks had a great post about the roles woman can serve in at church under the complementarian view. It reads, "Following God’s wise guidelines for church leadership does not preclude women from being thriving, functioning members of the Body. We are co-heirs of grace." This is a very encouraging read.

Ray Ortlund had a great post on ways to guard and repair relationships. I'm not going to quote it here, go check out the list.

Chris Brauns had a post listing the problems (dangers) with unconditional forgiveness. This is a wise and needed post you should check out.

What have you been reading online? Leave me a comment (and maybe even a link) to check out!

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