Web Slinging 3.3.15

Here's what I've been reading this past week as I've swung around the web: Relevant Magazine had a post addressing work. It reads, "So whether you’re sweeping floors, fixing cars, or analyzing stock data, God wants you to do it to the best of your ability to serve Him." How we approach our work reflects on the God who blessed us with it.

The Gospel Coalition had a post on memorization. It says, "In order to quickly and easily remember any new piece of information, associate it to something you already know or remember in some ridiculous way. " Whether it's a name or Scripture this post can help remember it.

Nick Batzig had a post on The Christward Collective on ways churches can be more welcoming. He asks (and answers) the question, "So what can be done to foster a spiritual friendliness and a welcoming culture in our churches?" This is a helpful read.

The Verge Network had a post about being missional and making disciples. It reads, "Groups don’t make disciples; disciples make disciples." This is an important read that helps do both well.

Jen Wilkin had a post on the 9Marks site about pastoring women. She says, "Pastor, what elements of your discipleship strategy affirm the equal but distinct needs and gifting of women?" As pastors and leaders this is a helpful and needed perspective.

What have you been reading online? Leave me a comment and a link and I'll check it out.

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