Tweets of the Week 2. 23.15

Here's my weekly list of tweets of the week that caught my attention:

The church is a Spirit-created community, which is why it must put the flesh to death.

The mature Christian life involves a congruence of grace and work.

Fear doesn’t force us out of participation in God’s plan. God is bigger than our fear.

The greatest glory of God is not his power or wrath, but this: the One with all power and wrath sent Jesus to be merciful to me.

Lent is about brokenness, not broken down-ness; humility, not humiliation; Jesus' grace, not our grit; his praise, not our promises.

Jesus is not your personal assistant. He’s your King.

Web Slinging 2.24.15

Making Disciples as Disciples (pt. 1) - Introduction

Making Disciples as Disciples (pt. 1) - Introduction