Review: 33 The Series

I was contacted (a while ago) by LifeWay to see if I'd be interested in receiving a copy of 33 The Series volume 5: A Man and his Marriage. Between Christmas, getting a new office computer, and rearranging my office, I recently unearthed the unopened box. Inside were 2 copies of the curriculum (I'll get t0 the reason way later). As I popped the disk into my computer, I was encouraged by the visual aspects of this video curriculum. It wasn't some cheesy background thrown together, but a set that was well constructed and well lit. The other thing that encouraged me was the caliber of the teachers. Bryan Carter, Tierce Green, and John Bryson (along with some guy named Paul Tripp).

The lessons themselves, as well as the workbook, was solid as well. The video prompts for the workbook were well done (and didn't make me fell stupid ... which is a bonus in my case). There's room for other notes on the page as well. At the end of each lesson there are discussion questions as well for group discussion. While you could go through this material by yourself, that's not what it is intended for, and you'd be missing out on some of the impact.

What I love about this material is the fact that ANY church, of any size, could do this. If your church doesn't have a men's ministry, this would be a perfect place to start. If your church's men's ministry has plateaued, this may be just the kick start you need. If you are a leader of a men's ministry and you don't know what to teach (because you're on the verge of burnout) this is a helpful tool to have in your belt. I would encourage any church to pick this up and give it a shot.

So, why were two identical copies of the material sent to me? One was obviously for my review. The other was for me to give away. If you are interested in receiving this curriculum for free, leave a comment and after a while I'll pick a random winner! How easy is that?

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